Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14th, 2012

My current holdings

Still holding AAPL short, paying off quite nicely. NFLX bounced pretty hard on Friday, did not expect an insider to be buying so many shares. It broke a descending trend line on heavy volume and it held up well today on Monday; will probably see it go down, but I closed my short position this morning on the gap down; Friday’s huge pop erased most of my NFLX gains and left me with crumbs, argh.

If this NFLX stock can't hold above the 10DMA, then I'll look to step in short again. At the end of the day, it's a crappy company with a crappy management team.

AAPL broke through 560 today, looking to test 555 from the April 24th low. This stock is a bit oversold and we might get a dead bounce tomorrow. But test 551-555, it will for sure.


Still short on this, we broke below and closed below 560, a small support line.

The real support zone is around 551-555, it might take a while to take it out however. Still bearish.


Let’s look at this VIX chart. I tweeted about this last night and played it long purely due to Greece's current condition. Paid off well, but I closed the position before closing.

It’s obvious that we’re going to see more volatility in the next month or so.

Broad Outlook

The Spyders broke below a support line today on weak volume. Might see a bounce tomorrow, but we’re still in a bearish region and I’m sensing lower prices for the entire market.  

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